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""I think this book will be an invaluable aid in the understanding and improvement of breathing as it applies to wind instruments.

Every student should have this."



 James Thompson
 Professor of Trumpet, Eastman
 School of Music
 Former Principal Trumpet, Montreal 
 and Atlanta Symphonies

"Congrats on writing such a simple and user friendly book on breathing.  I

agree totally with all of your concepts and exercises.  The book is well

presented and entertaining, so it makes it easy and fun to read."


David Hickman

Professor of Trumpet,

Arizona State University

"Herbert L. Clarke used to say playing is 98% wind power. But books on breathing as applied to brass playing are few and far between. That's why "Breathing Your Way to Greater Artistry" is one terrific "must have" book for trumpet players at all levels of achievement. The text is supplemented with clear and sometimes humorous illustrations Many times, I'll talk about breathing, and wish I had something like this to show to my students. Now we have Calvin's book, and we're all the better off for it."

William Bing
Director of Bands
Artist in Residence
California Institute of Technology
Professor of Trumpet
California State University Northridge


Author, The Bing Book

"Calvin Price's BREATHING is a wonderful book, concise and very well written. Concepts, ideas, and exercises are presented clearly, in a straightforward manner that is also deeply insightful.

                When I was young I was shocked to hear professional trumpeters pick up student model instruments and sound great – over many years I've learned that all trumpet playing, whether good or bad, begins with the body. Breathing exercises were considered crucial by the old masters, Louis Armstrong, HL Clarke, B. Kryl, Walter Smith, and others. Study Mr. Price's book: you will learn, and you will improve."


Chris Gekker

Professor of Trumpet, University of Maryland

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