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Want to make playing easier, with a better sound and intonation? 

Want to play higher, faster, louder ?


Then schedule Seminars taught by Calvin Price, former Principal Trumpet of the San Diego Symphony and one of the most sought after Studio Recording Artists in Hollywood!


Areas of Emphasis:


How to Play Relaxed                                                                Musicality and Great Sound

Range & Endurance                                                                 Ensemble Playing & Intonation 

Flexibility & Technique                                                            The Psychology of  Playing 


These seminars provide all trumpet players the groundwork necessary to succeed and excel.


Don't take chances with your career! Get your audition coaching

from one of the finest Orchestral Principal trumpet players

and Hollywood Studio Musicians


Whether you are auditioning to get into college, preparing for auditions while in college, auditioning for graduate school or a job, one look at his resume` (winner of auditions for Principal Trumpet, San Diego Symphony, Assistant Principal/2nd Trumpet, Philadelphia Orchestra) illustrates Calvin has personally experienced what it is like to be a successful audition participant.

He understands the preparation required and the excitment and anxiety it can produce.

He has also sat on numerous audition committees as a member and as Chairman, which provides great insight into what committees are looking and listening for. 


Coaching and Seminars

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